“If it ain’t ‘HELL YEAH’, it’s ‘HELL NO’”

Positive Value Add

This is something that will come up time and again, your whole life. It will manifest in different ways at different points in your career, however successful or fledgling your career may be.

As you sail along in your…

A powerful super-habit that will hugely impact your productivity

Ephemeral Mojo

We all have our mojo days. Those days when you come in, and the day just rolls off your fingertips. Your article writes itself, your drawing jumps on the canvas, your sales calls are easy and rattle out like a machine gun. You’re in the zone, and all seems possible.

“Private Santiago had no code; Private Santiago had no honour; and God was watching”.

Lieutenant Kendrick, A Few Good Men

Classic Error

One battle we all face repeatedly is our instinct to do something in the near term, which conflicts with our fundamental set of values — which are partly the definition…

Change your thinking to gain huge personal leverage

Daunting Realisation

This is a really powerful concept — for powerful read leverage, ie will make you many multiples better/stronger/more efficient — which evolved when one day I asked myself the following question:

“Consider all of the cognitive material you consume — reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, speaking wth friends or…


Thousands of hours of reading, reseraching and experimenting

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